Beatrice Owner Opens Sports Tavern With New York Ranger Sean Avery

Photo: Jason Wishnow

You heard it here first: Matt Abramcyck, owner of the Beatrice and Smith & Mills, quietly opened a sports tavern with Rangers left winger Sean Avery this weekend. While Warren 77 (named after its address, 77 Warren) is unlikely to become the next Beatrice (which Abramcyck tells us he’s still fighting to reopen), it has already gotten visits from John McEnroe and Josh Hartnett, and Saturday night found it full of stylish waifs (Avery was an intern at Vogue, after all). But Abramcyck tells us he wants this to be a neighborhood place, and that’s exactly what it looks like — the narrow front of the room (seen here) contains sit-down video games and a few plush, roomy U-shaped booths facing flat-screen televisions. Above the booths are shelves holding old sports books and equipment — all of it illuminated by antique klieg lights from a CBS set. There’s a porcelain water fountain, a Gretsky print on loan from Avery’s apartment, a Diane Arbus photo donated by partner Chris Miller (a former art dealer), and vintage sports photos from a Madison Square Garden photographer. Beyond that, there’s a bar serving Guinness, Hoegaarden, Old Speckled Hen, and Molson (naturally), as well as mixed drinks — emphasis on the whiskey. On Saturday, a limited dinner menu was being served, but that was expected to double in size today — and within three weeks, lunch and brunch will also have launched. Here’s what was coming out of the kitchen on Saturday.

Burgers and fries - $16
Macaroni and cheese - $12
Caesar salad - $10
Warren wings - $12
Grilled cheese soldiers and tomato soup - $9
Half-dozen oysters - $18
Roast chicken - $24
Strip steak - $30

Warren 77, 77 Warren St., nr. Greenwich St.

Beatrice Owner Opens Sports Tavern With New York Ranger Sean Avery