Chef Shuffle

Bar Carrera Gets Outdoor Seats, New Chef From WD~50

Photo: Ben Rosenzweig

This weekend we noticed that Bar Carrera’s Houston Street location has added some sidewalk tables — three four-tops — to correspond with its new hours (it’s opening at 3 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays). It’s not the only change afoot — wd~50 sous-chef Kevin Heston has taken over the kitchens of both the Houston Street and Second Avenue locations, and has added menu items such as a made-to-order tortilla (Americans apparently don’t like their eggs sitting around all day at room temperature), fried anchovies with artichoke slaw, a roasted-red-pepper salad, and pancakes (yes, pancakes!) stacked with membrillo paste and topped with olive-oil powder. It’s a little-known fact that Bar Carrera had been getting many of its dish components from wd~50 (Wylie Dufresne is said to have inspired the original menu), but now they’ll all be prepared in-house. There are also tweaks to existing dishes — the croquettes now change every day, and the shrimp is now prepared with olive and caper paste. See the new menu below.

MANZANILLA OLIVES traditional style olives with pits
MARCONA ALMONDS roasted with sea salt & cumin
WHITE ANCHOVIES marinated in lemon & olive oil

JAMON WRAPPED DATES stuffed with Marcona almonds
SHRIMP & CHORIZO sautéed tiger shrimp with chorizo
GOAT CHEESE olive oil, smoked paprika & mini baguette
SPICY CHORIZO sliced, dry-cured Spanish sausage
PATATAS BRAVAS potatoes with smoked paprika aioli
PAN CON TOMATE tomato purée on a toasted mini brioche topped with powdered olive oil
CROQUETAS DEL DIA Spanish fritter made with seasonal ingredients

JAMON SERRANO 18-month cured Spanish ham
BOQUERONES FRITOS lightly fried white anchovies served with artichoke lemon dip
SMOKED SALMON mascarpone & black caviar on a toasted mini brioche, drizzled with honey
GAMBAS wild shrimp sautéed in garlic, white wine, olive caper paste & croutons
EGG IN A BLANKET truffled egg in a mini brioche with Serrano ham & melted Manchego cheese
ALBONDIGAS de CORDERO lamb meatballs filled with tetilla cheese, served with sliced mini baguette
PORK BELLY caramelized with juniper sugar & chick pea purée
JAMON BOCADILLO Serrano ham & Manchego cheese on toasted mini brioche
CHORIZO BOCADILLO traditional Spanish sausage served in a mini baguette with yellow-pepper mustard
MORCILLA BOCADILLO traditional Spanish blood sausage served in a mini baguette with yellow-pepper mustard
TORTILLA DEL DIA Spanish omelette cooked to order with seasonal ingredients

ROASTED RED BELL PEPPERS crusted goat cheese crouton & sherry vinaigrette
BABY ARUGULA piquillo pepper, Manchego cheese, olive &
date paste
VINE-RIPENED TOMATOES goat cheese, baby arugula & sherry vinaigrette

PLATOS (served with mini baguette) - $15
PLATO de QUESO assorted Spanish cheeses
PLATO de CARNE assorted Spanish cured meats
PLATO COMBINADO assorted Spanish cured meats & cheeses
PLATO JAMON A LA CAMPAGNA (when available) 18-month Serrano with fresh Mozzarella di Bufala

DULCE - $5
PANCAKES layered with quince paste, olive oil powder & honey
FRESAS strawberries with mascarpone on mini brioche, hazelnuts & a drizzle of chestnut honey
BELGIAN CHOCOLATE chunks of pure dark, milk & white chocolate
GARROTXA mild, semi-hard goat cheese with quince paste & honey


Bar Carrera Gets Outdoor Seats, New Chef From WD~50