Amid Lots Of Openings, Not All Are Successful

The old Bar Crudo space, soon to be Swell.

With a host of new restaurants opening, and plenty established ones going through remodels — a hopeful sign for the dining economy — some projects have come up against delays. The Chronicle reported today that, due to lack of funds, former Coi sommelier Paul Einbund and his wife Vanessa won’t be opening their wine-bar-cum-yarn-shop on schedule. Warmth, which Tablehopper profiled back in February, was supposed to open on April 1, but because of the sluggish economy it’s been put on hold indefinitely.

Meanwhile, one of the recent batch of temporary closures has lasted a little longer than planned, as Bar Crudo waits to open in its new location on Divisadero Street. Due to open last week, the project got delayed with logistics and inspections, thankfully, not related to the poor economy. Look for a new French seafood joint called Swell in the old Bar Crudo space. [Via Scoop/SF Chronicle]

[Photo: Via craigemorsels/flickr]


Amid Lots Of Openings, Not All Are Successful