A Texas-Style Barbecue Restaurant From The Zahav Set!

Over on The Insider, Michael Klein breaks that Michael Solomonov and Steven Cook are opening a Texas-style barbecue outfit at 900 South St! (Is this the best news of the week, or even month? Possibly!) At this point, Solomonov is most famous for Zahav, but he and Cook are also behind Xochitl and Marigold Kitchen.

Klein points out that it will be the latest to join spots like Bebe’s Barbecue, Q BBQ & Tequila Bar, Holy Smoke in the barbecue explosion in Philly, but it turns out that Solomonov dropped a retrospective hint in our pre-James Beard Award interview with him:

Do you have favorites in New York?
The Momofuku empire is always a good time, and when we were in New York for the Esquire thing, we went to Scarpetta for dinner, which was really really good. We also went to Fette Sau, which was really good, and Blue Hill. I guess I’ve been on a BBQ kick recently [emphasis ours]. I like the Blue Ribbon Brasserie thing, it’s pretty cool to get to New York at 4 in the morning and have to wait for a table then.

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[Photo via The Rocketeer/Flickr]

A Texas-Style Barbecue Restaurant From The Zahav Set!