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Will the Real Fake Restaurant Girl Please Stand Up?

The Life Vicarious took responsibility for Danyelle Freeman’s first fake Twitter page, but when we speculated that its author, Adam Robb, might be behind the second one, he wrote in to deny it.

It is not me writing it. I only have the enthusiasm for one fake Twitter thank you. I cannot believe Eater would let themselves get duped considering they never introduced my fake one to the world like they did with the RealRG yesterday. And since they’ve gotten comment from her in the past and [chief editor] Lock[hart Steele] friended her before anyone else did, they had to have been tipped off from a reliable source it’s her … Also, her own editor, Liz Errico, follows RealRG. Are you sure she’s not just bowing out after she deleted her blunder?

For the record: Freeman reassures us she isn’t on Twitter and never has been.

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Will the Real Fake Restaurant Girl Please Stand Up?