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When Restaurant Owners Attack

Photo: Daniel Maurer

Okay, we knew the owners of De’Vill were kinda kooky when they plastered their 68 West 3rd Street storefront with the most absurd “coming soon” signage imaginable, and then we had to wonder just why the place never opened. Sketchy, sketchy. It’s no surprise they owed $250,000 in back rent, but you gotta be shocked by allegations that they threatened the building’s managing agent with torture so he’d forgive the debt. The Post has the story.

“They showed him a chair, placed on top of a tarp with a table holding pliers, a hammer, a screwdriver, and a candle,” said prosecutor James Meadows. “A burning candle.” It hadn’t helped that one of the suspects, Vasileios Giamagas, 35, bragged he was a former mercenary and an accomplished killer who’d slain his own brother.

Whoa. Good thing the place never opened — Adam Platt might’ve been waterboarded for a star …

The Rents Are Torture [NYP]

When Restaurant Owners Attack