What To Eat at The Lansdowne, Now Open For Your Pre/Post Game Needs

The Lansdowne, Patrick Lyons’ take on the Irish pub, opened across the street from Fenway Park yesterday. The menu is nuts: bacon cheddar sliders, curry chips, bangers and mash, and deep-fried Mars Bars and Twinkies. Expect it to be fully mobbed during the baseball season, but hey, the deep-fried Twinkies just might be worth the wait.

After the jump, the full menu.

Breakfast $13
Open 10 Am Sat & Sun. Served Until 4 Pm
Irish Bacon
White & Black Pudding
Breakfast Bangers
Grilled Tomato
Bachelor’s Beans
Fried Eggs

Warm Cheese Dip with house made potato chips 7.00
Crispy Potato Skins with irish bacon & cheddar 6.00
Chicken Bites with blue cheese buffalo sauce 7.00
Blue Cheese Potato Cakes with fresh garlic & scallion 8.00
Simple Mussels on a skillet, with olive oil & salt 10.00
Oyster* on the 1/2 shell
Irish Sliders* with irish bacon & cheddar 9.00
Salmon Cakes with baby spinach & fresh dill 10.00
Guinness Beef & Lamb Chili with irish cheddar 7.00

Mixed Greens with tomato, onion & cucumber 6.00
add chicken 3.00
add shrimp 5.00
Mixed Greens* add salmon 7.00
Baby Spinach with roast chicken breast, candied pecans, roasted red peppers, apple & blue cheese 11.00
Mixed Greens with goat cheese fritters, irish bacon & shrimp 12.00
Frisee with smoked salmon, crab salad, avocado, egg & raspberry vinaigrette 12.00
Ploughman’s Lunch* roast turkey, roast beef, cheddar, mixed greens, tomato, cucumber, brown bread, tomato chutney & branston pickle 13.00

Fried Fish with tartar sauce & malt vinegar fries 9.00
Grilled Burger* with lettuce, tomato & onion 9.00
add irish bacon 2.00
add cheddar 1.00
Grilled Chicken with crispy bacon, tomato chutney & sharp cheddar 9.00
Grilled Cheese with irish cheddar on brown bread, with a side of tomato chutney 9.00
Smoked Salmon with pickled beets, onion, cucumber & greens with mustard 10.00
Portabello Burger on brioche with blue cheese, roasted red peppers, caramelized onions & greens 10.00

Single $3 / Double $5. Hand Cut Fries. Toppings 1 Each
Mushy Peas
Irish Beans

Pot Pies
House Made
Chicken 11.00
Fish 14.00
Guinness Beef 13.00

Fish & Chips 14.00
Double Cut Pork Chop* grilled with blue cheese potato cakes & cider pork sauce 16.00
Shepherd’s Pie braised lamb & vegetables topped with mashed potatoes & baked 12.00
Maple Glazed Salmon* ` with boxty potato cakes 15.00
Irish Stew with soda bread 10.00
Battered Sausage Supper with fries & bachelor’s beans 9.00
Roasted Chicken Breast with irish bacon, leeks & scallion champ 12.00
Gaelic Steak* with mushrooms 2- 4oz filets with an irish whiskey cream sauce 21.00
* These Items Are Cooked To Order Or May Be Served Undercooked

Fried Mars Bar 4.00
Fried Twinkie 4.00
Guinness Float 7.00
Apple Crisp with vanilla ice cream 7.00
Bailey’s Chocolate Pots with oatmeal cookies 6.00

Mashed Potatoes 3.00
Mushy Peas 3.00
Irish Bacon 2.00
Boxty Potato Cakes 3.00
Garlic Mushrooms 5.00
Bachelor’s Baked Beans 3.00
Champ with scallions 3.50

Nightly Specials
Served After 4pm
Traditional Irish Roast* with roasted potatoes & vegetables
Baked Irish Ham with boiled potatoes & cabbage
Baked Oyster Dinner with guinness sausage
Bangers & Mash with bachelor’s beans
Roast Lamb Rack with mint jelly & roasted potatoes
Fried Seafood Platter
Prime Rib* with roasted potatoes & vegetables

Draft Beer
Bass Ale
Guinness Draft
Harpoon Ipa
Miller Lite
Sam Adams Red Brick Ale
Sam Lager
Sam Seasonal
Stella Artois
Anchor Steam

Bottles Beer
Allagash Belgian White Ale
Amstel Light
Belhaven Scottish Ale
Blue Moon
Bud Light
Chimay Cap Bleu
Cisco Whale’s Tale
Coors Light
Corona Light
Hoegaarden Belgian White Ale
Magic Hat #9
Magners Cider
McSoley’s Irish Black Lager
Michelob Ultra
Miller High Life
Miller Lite
Murphy’s Stout
Paulaner Hefe Weisse
Sam Adams Light
Sam Adams Twisted Tea
Samuel Smith Brown Ale
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
Wachusset Blueberry
Smirnoff Ice

What To Eat at The Lansdowne, Now Open For Your Pre/Post Game Needs