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Luis Gonzales Will Bring ‘Oaxacan Fusion’ to Mayahuel

Luis Gonzales
Luis Gonzales Photo: Courtesy of Food Network

So far, we’ve been perfectly content to make do with olives and spiced nuts at Mayahuel, but owner Ravi DeRossi (Bourgeois Pig and Death & Co.) tells us that he has hired Luis Gonzales (a Vongerichten protégé who has been executive chef at Coffee Shop and Knickerbocker Grill as well as a recent contestant on Chopped) to come up with an extensive menu of “Oaxacan fusion” dishes for his new tequila and mescal bar with Philip Ward. So far there have been rumblings about seviche, a cheese/chorizo fondue, tamales, and empanadas. The complete menu won’t be installed till mid-May, but as of tomorrow, the bar will start offering botanas (translated as “exciting sharable bites made to amuse and stimulate”). Here’s your first look at the bar menu.

Popped corn with lime, cotija cheese, ancho chile

Guacamole, salsa verde, and smoked tomato

Crispy plantain chips with pico de gallo

Soft tortillas with pastor, tinga, or chorizo with cilantro,
Radishes and lime

Camarón y chorizo
Seared shrimp and chorizo with roasted sweet pepper

Braised pork belly with papaya mango mustard

By the way, if you haven’t seen it, Lush Life has a look at the cocktail menu, complete with tea-infused tequila cocktails, tequila sangrias, beer cocktails, and “punch-o-villas.”

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Luis Gonzales Will Bring ‘Oaxacan Fusion’ to Mayahuel