Wawa Turns 45; Here’s To 45 More Years Of Coffee And Hoagies!

The Pennsylvania institution turns 45 today! Wawa started out as a dairy farm and milk delivery service, and turned to groceries in 1964. The dairy still exists, but as we know, Wawa is so, so much more than milk.

Wawa has become the region’s third-largest food merchant, behind Acme and ShopRite, according to Food Trade News. It employs 16,000 people and sells 195 million cups of coffee a year at its 570 stores in five states, and is among the top 10 coffee sellers in the country. Its revenue was about $1.6 billion last year, not counting the gas it pumped, which constitutes about 1 percent of the nation’s total.

Those are just the numbers, that don’t even begin to cover it: Wawa is touch-screen hoagie ordering; sells coffee that we love (they have the biggest market share of brewed coffee in the area); and sells great pretzels.

The first ever Wawa location is the one Folsom on 212 MacDade Boulevard, where they’ll be celebrating “Wawaversary Day” with free coffee and food all day long. There will even be Tasykake and Herr’s giveaways. Happy 45th, Wawa!

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Wawa Turns 45; Here’s To 45 More Years Of Coffee And Hoagies!