Tribune Food: Twine, Superfoods, Hot Sauce

• The brilliance is not lost on us that an article promoting the controlling effect of kitchen twine is penned by a writer named Amy Scattergood. Could it get any better than that? Oh, wait, yes, with the accompanying recipe for bacon-wrapped pork loin with roasted apples. Who cares if it’s autumnal in spirit; we want it in our tummy.

• Health reporter Julie Deardorff does time in the Good Eats section, introducing us to superfoods that we might not have considered before. Kamut and chia seeds, cool and new, but does grapefruit really count as a “new thing to try”?

• Chris McNamara goes inside (but not over the pots) the operations at Flaming Joe’s, a hot-sauce company based out of Geneva. There is a real Flaming Joe — Joe Leicht, a software developer who works in the Loop — and he started the line after his hobby of homemade hot sauces caught some serious traction with his friends.

• Fast food from Carol Mighton Haddix: North African spiced shrimp. Never mind if they actually have shrimp in North Africa (do they? Our googling hand is broken).

• Beer of the Month writer Jerald O’Kennard’s name kind of rhymes, if you say it the right way. (The beer is Capital Brewery maibock, btw).

[Photo: timlewisnm/Flickr]


Tribune Food: Twine, Superfoods, Hot Sauce