Trib Food: Hot Hot Hot

• Coffee: so hot right now! Monica Eng files on how to brew a better cup. Is this her last Good Eats piece? *tear*

• Cocktail bread: so hot right now! If you were unaware, cocktail bread is a miniature loaf of bread, slices of which serve as the base of toppings at cocktail parties. Chicago is apparently the top producer. Who knew?!

• Famer’s market pasta: so hot right now! Here’s a recipe involving arugula, tropea onions, and green garlic.

• Coppola wines: so hot right now! Bill Daley takes a look at how the director-turned-winemaker’s unconventional approach to vino works for the good (and, in some people’s opinions, the not-so-good).
[Photo: wandering_angel/Flickr]


Trib Food: Hot Hot Hot