Trib Food: Braise The Roof

• The economy’s in the tank, so we’re buying cheaper cuts of meat. But they’re tough! Also, we wnat comfort food. What’s the answer? Braising. (We just wrote that summary without even reading the article. Not kidding. Let us know if we missed the gist and this is in fact some heretofore-unseen spin on the topic.)

• When Bill Daley talks about in-house wines, he doesn’t mean fermented in the back of the restaurant, or even a house blend. He means wine you buy at the same grocery store where you get your Cheerios.

• Renee Enna suggests that you buy a cookbook entirely dedicated to spreads and dips, and then in the next paragraph points out that all cookbooks ever in the history of book publishing (basically) are available at the library.

• Here are some nutrition blogs, helpfully compiled. Nice that the Trib can see to hyperlink advertiser-driven keywords, but not actual URLs that appear in the story. Copy/Paste/Fail.

• We totally love Singapore noodles, but often feel embarrassed ordering them when getting takeout or at a restaurant. Fortunately, JeanMarie Brownson is here to teach us how to make them at home.

[Photo: adactio/Flickr]


Trib Food: Braise The Roof