Trib Dining: A Triple For Cafe Des Architects

• “There’s really nothing the restaurant doesn’t do well,” Phil Vettel says in his rave for the Martial Noguier-helmed Cafe Des Architectes. The restaurant caters equally to well-heeled patrons looking for a high-end experience, and with its affordable prix fixes and occasional BYO nights also positions itself as a cut-above neighborhood kind of joint. Vettel particularly recommends lunch, not least because of the $1.50 dessert options.

• Kevin Pang takes a break from cheeseburgers to check out the steaks at various chain restaurants. Cracker Barrel’s sins are offset by gravy, Ruby Tuesday’s is surprisingly beefy, Chili’s is forgettable. He also hit up Applebee’s, Outback, and T.G.I. Friday, but our brain can’t handle much more.

• The Havana Dream Pie at Joe’s Stone Crab is totally not Cuban in any sense, but aw hells is it good.

[Photo provided by Cafe des Architectes]


Trib Dining: A Triple For Cafe Des Architects