TOC: Goose Island, Happy Hour, Pintxos

• What works at Goose Island Brew Pub works explosively well, thinks David Tamarkin. The pulled-pork sliders, the fish tacos, and even the monstrous ham-burger all should have Chicago’s reigning meat-masters paying closer attention. They’re saved, though, by parts of the menu that are frustratingly inconsistent: among other things, crostini, mussels, and desserts all lack wallop.

• Happy happy hour! some deals to get you going from places like Aigre Doux, Farmerie 58, Zocalo, and others.

• Those of us who aren’t lounge lizards already knew this, but David Tamarkin had to go and ruin the secret: some of the best cocktails around are at restaurants, not bars. Top-notch drinks can be found at restaurants all over town, from 312 Chicago to Moto.

• The good news about Pintxos is that it’s priced right for these tight times. The bad news, according to Tamarkin, is that the food’s as below average as the check: the Basque-style tapas run weak on flavor and presentation.

says hello to The Ledge, a bar and grill that is not to be confused with The Stretch or The Spread (something we have already done like twelve times).

[Photo via Pintxos]


TOC: Goose Island, Happy Hour, Pintxos