The Other Critics: Baby Blues, La Mar Redux, City Grill

Here’s your weekly roundup of the local papers’ food coverage. This week’s San Francisco Chronicle coverage was sparse, with Michael Bauer begging off (we assume he’s putting final touches on the 100 Best Restaurants list). But there’s a bit, and of course we always have the weeklies.

• Just before this year’s Top 100 drops Sunday, Amanda Gold features some readers who have set out to eat at every one of previous years’ picks. [SF Chronicle]

• Amanda Gold checks out Baby Blues BBQ, and while she digs the meat, the rest of the food was uneven and couldn’t make it past two stars. Service also got a two, but we have no idea why. [SF Chronicle]

Food and Wine honors for local chefs, Lark Creek Inn closes up shop, and Blue Bottle heads to the Ferry Building, in Scoop. [SF Chronicle]

• Meredith Brody just can’t get all that excited about La Mar Cebicheria. “Too loud and pricey,” she says. [SF Weekly]

• Paul Reidinger was much more pleased with his pork medallions at City Grill. In fact, he was pretty pleased with City Grill altogether. [SFBG]

• For the first time in a long time, L.E. Leone dedicates the majority of her column to actually reviewing a restaurant: Eats on Clement and Second Avenue. The verdict: Not impressed. [SFBG]

The Other Critics: Baby Blues, La Mar Redux, City Grill