Tap Wine and Beer Cocktails Just Above Houston

Photo: Melissa Hom

Not only will Daniel Boulud be dispensing wine from a keg at his new Bowery joint (tap wine is the new boxed wine?), but nearby, JoeDoe is currently messin’ with beer by mixing it with bourbon, espresso, and … peanut dust? Check out the ’Doe’s new list of $13 $11 [Update: the price has been lowered] cervezas preparadas and ask yourself if any of these rival the margaveza.

Spring Forward
Blue Pt ‘Spring Fling’, DH Krahn Gin, lemon zest, salted honey

Here Comes the Sun
Green Flash ‘West Coast’ IPA, Siembra Azul Tequila, preserved orange

April Shower
Victory, ‘Prima Pilsner’, Crop Organic Vodka, black pepper, fresh lime

Muddy Puddle
Sierra Nevada Stout, Old Pogue Bourbon, iced espresso, peanut dust

The Spicy Lady
Mexican Beer, cayenne, fresh lemon, raw sugar

Cerveza Preparada
Dominican Pilsner, hot sauce, fresh lime
Float Tequila, add $4

Tap Wine and Beer Cocktails Just Above Houston