Tablehopper Book Deal

Our favorite thing in today’s Tablehopper was not the news of the upcoming weekly Open Restaurant at Bruno’s (though that is pretty cool), nor was it the scoop that Richard Corbo is leaving Ducca. Our favorite news was of the Tablehopper herself. San Francisco, meet your newest book author: Marcia Gagliardi.

After more than three years of pounding the pavement immediately surrounding this city’s restaurants, bars, hot dog stands, and coffee joints for your immediate, internet gratification, Gagliardi is finally going to put all her knowledge on paper. Due out on Ten Speed Press in spring, 2010, the Tablehopper tome will be a “guidebook to dining and drinking in the City and outlying areas,” in her words.

Little else is known about it, except for the fact that Ms. Gagliardi is going to be one busy (anti-)social butterfly the next few months. Congratulations, Marcia. We can’t wait to read it!

[Photo: Via sarah xic/flickr]


Tablehopper Book Deal