Review Revue: Dark Lord Day at Three Floyd’s

This past Saturday was Dark Lord Day at Three Floyds Brewery in Munster, Indiana. So how was it?

Chicagoist: “…a streamlined and efficient operation. Lines for the most part were defined and orderly. Extra tents were set up to accommodate attendees looking to slake their thirst … By 4 p.m., however, there was virtually no line for Dark Lord as most of the crowd had left either burned out from a full days drinking or to beat the inclement weather home.”

HopCast: “Once we finally had our Dark Lord we got back in the main line to share the samples. The beer was great! Much more drinkable and more balanced then last years. While drinking the sample we traded a few beers and bought some tamales from a lady selling them. If you didn’t get tamales from this lady you should feel lucky, some of the worst I have ever had.”

The Diva Platform: “If you like your beer to be the consistency of used motor oil, this is the beer for you! … The line ended two buildings down from the brewery and started spiraling in a parking lot. We thought we’d be there for hours. At this point I figured out why it was called a Russian imperial stout: We had to wait in line like commies in order to buy it.

Hoosier Beer Geek: “In the end, there was very little drama to the day, other than some random rainshowers and the one arrest I witnessed. The crowd seemed controlled by lively, the rare beer flowed, and everyone seemed to go home happy.”

Thank Heaven For Beer: “There was not one person who I came across at Dark Lord Day who didn’t somehow, whether through their t-shirt, their ball cap, their tattoos, or their words, express that they loved/understood beer so much, they were willing to travel form different states (like me), or even countries, to catch a glimpse of a rarely consumed beer.”

Chicago Reader: “The relatively brisk speed at with the bottle line moved appeared to be due to the much larger number of staffers inside selling and packing beer. The brewpub line, on the other hand, was just as ridiculous as last year. The indoor menu looked great–mussels steamed in Gumballhead with bacon, fennel, celery, garlic, and dried chili!--but because I am not patient enough I had to be content with a pulled-pork sandwich and some coleslaw from the tables outside.”

Review Revue: Dark Lord Day at Three Floyd’s