Madre de Dios! Phil Ward’s Tequila Bar, Mayahuel, Is Unearthed

Photo: UrbanDaddy

Speak of the devil! No sooner do the blogs start buzzing about Phil Ward of Death & Co.’s rumored tequila bar when UrbanDaddy drops the hammer — a slideshow that indicates this place is going to be nuts. According to the Daddy, it’s open for friends and family now. Mayahuel may have taken design cues from La Esquina’s monastery-like underground lounge (no luchador imagery as far as we can see), but the cocktails are sure to be all their own, starting with a Loop Tonic — blanco tequila, green chartreuse, vermouth, and celery bitters.

Eater digs up more information about the bi-level venue, expected to fully open early next month:

The bar will feature seven mezcal cocktails, three beer cocktails, two punches, two sangrias, and 11 various tequila cocktails. But this isn’t just a bar. No, Ward and DeRossi are in the final stages of hiring a chef. The menu will consist of a number of small plates and tapas, all making a nod towards, natch, Mexico. Ward tells us half of the menu items will be traditional Mexican and the other half with be up to the chef; “I don’t want to put the chef in a box,” he says.

Will this offshoot challenge Death & Co. as the “best cocktail bar for downing the brown”? Almost certainly.

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Madre de Dios! Phil Ward’s Tequila Bar, Mayahuel, Is Unearthed