Passover In San Francisco

Passover season is upon us, which means you’ve either got to get ready to cook a big dinner or you need to figure out where you’re dining out/getting catering. Being MenuPages devotees, we assume you’re going to let someone else do the cooking for you. Here are a few suggestions on whom:

Perbacco probably has the best-known Passover dinner. Not a Seder, but still holiday-themed, the five-course prix fixe ($49) on Friday, April 10, features Italian Jewish cuisine (pdf). Make a reservation now. This is going to be a big deal.

• This will be the 10th year of Delfina’s Passover menu. Daily changing a la carte options including matzo ball soup, brisket, and edible seder plates will be on the menu from Wednesday, April 8, to Monday, April 13. Many options on this menu will be a lot more adventurous than those named, though, and they are not Kosher, so be forewarned.

• Nothing’s confirmed, but we’ve heard rumors that the folks at Mission Beach Cafe are working on a Passover menu, which may or may not include beer as an ingredient. We’ll let you know.

• For a super-classic Jewish deli-style Seder dinner or other Passover meal, Miller’s East Coast Deli has a special Passover menu (pdf) from which you can order your whole meal in advance, to go. They suggest a lead time of at least 24 hours, more if you have a lot of people. In fact, just call as early as possible.

• Another classic Jewish Deli option is David’s, and while they aren’t doing special dinners for Passover or Seder per se, they’ll have most or all of the traditional foods available to dine in or take out.

• Finally, if you don’t mind crossing the Bay (or happen to live east of the bridge), Saul’s, in Berkeley, is always a good dining or catering option. We hear they’re going to be selling Passover items out of an outdoor tent on Wednesday, April 8.

Visiting family for the holidays? Use our network to get Passover food options in New York, Chicago, South Florida, Philadelphia, and Boston

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Passover In San Francisco