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More on Dave Martin’s Vynl Overhaul: New Focus on ‘Solid American’ Food

The only problem with this morning’s news that Top Cheftestant Dave Martin is overhauling Vynl is that the diner wasn’t … broken. So, by way of clarification, here’s some more information about what the dude’s up to:

I am the corp chef for Chow Down inc and I am re-vamping the Vynl restaurants. I have just finished the transformation at our UES location and I am now down at Chelsea beginning the process all over again here. So far so good with things going well up north at UES since the changes…both the Chelsea and UES menus will be more cohesive with a focus on solid American comfort food with a few other splashes of flavor thrown in the mix and the elimination of most of the Asian items formally featured…

Martin’s new menus feature sliders of the crab and duck variety; his new kung pao calamari (“spicy yumm”); chicken pot pie; rustic tomato soup; killer veggie burger; Gramma Memma’s meatloaf; and Dave’s hanger steak and filet mignon burger (house-ground). “Good food from scratch, good prices, and better wines on the way,” Martin says. “What more can you ask for?” Judgment: reserved.

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More on Dave Martin’s Vynl Overhaul: New Focus on ‘Solid