More Cupcakes’ New Flavors: Easter, Passover, Spring!

Just in time for Easter and — we’re not joking here — Passover, More Cupcakes is rolling out a springy cupcake menu that will help you forget any trace of the winter we’re just barely scraping out of.

In the interest of journalistic accuracy, we sampled some of the new flavors — the Easter-appropriate Cadbury creme egg cupcake doesn’t actually contain a Cadbury creme egg; instead, it is one, with intense chocolate cake encasing a creamy vanilla center that melts just like it ought to. The Passover-friendly (flour-free!) Apricot Almond cupcakes are enough to get you psyched about 40 years wandering in the desert. Lemon poppyseed, carrot ginger, a strawberry-rhubarb topped with a meringue Easter basket — it’s too good.

Full spring menu, post-jump!

Apricot almond (almond cake with apricot frosting — also for Passover)

Strawberry rhubarb meringue (yellow cake, strawberry rhubarb mousse filling, topped with a meringue nest filled with colored cake eggs)

Lemon poppy seed (lemon poppy seed cake with lemon frosting)

Chocolate vanilla cream (our play on a Cadbury egg – chocolate cake, vanilla cream center, with vanilla buttercream, sprayed with dark chocolate ganache to represent the chocolate shell)

Carrot ginger (carrot cake with a ginger-spiced cream cheese frosting)

Flourless chocolate cake (for Passover)


Black truffle

Sweet pea

[Photo: Cadbury creme cupcake, Helen Rosner]

More Cupcakes’ New Flavors: Easter, Passover, Spring!