Hot-dog Vendors on the Rise; Red Hook Vendors in Dreamland

• New York street food comes to small towns: The recession has led to a surplus of hot-dog vendors who see a cart as a good career backup. [WSJ]

• Some Red Hook Ball Fields vendors will be part of a “Foodie Tent” at Coney Island amusement park Dreamland. [Gothamist]

• Three separate groups of researchers have recently found that every human has “brown fat,” a type of fat that burns calories when activated by the cold. [NYT]

• The rise of food litigation has forced food manufacturers to go on the defensive, toning down claims about the nutritional benefits of their products and limiting the marketing of sugary foods to kids. [WSJ]

• The increasing availability of kosher-friendly appliances has promoted an interest in kosher kitchen renovations. [NYT]

• A Soho House–esque members-only club will open in the financial district’s Setai condos next month. [NYP]

• Kate Moss’s reps are denying that the supermodel has any plans to pen a cookbook. [StyleWatch/People]
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• Harlem’s Obama Fried Chicken & Pizza has found an economical way to heed the calls of protesters who find it disrespectful: It is now just called Bam. [City Room/NYT]

• There seems to have been a run on ostrich and emu eggs at the Bowery Whole Foods yesterday, perhaps in preparation for Easter. [Racked]

Hot-dog Vendors on the Rise; Red Hook Vendors in Dreamland