High Five: The Month Of March

This month’s High Five pretty much stays the course. We thought we’d see a few more hits for some of the newer restaurants, but it’s a collection of classics at the top of our most-clicked list. Maybe people are hunkering down for the winter? Or maybe we just can’t get enough Tadich! Whatever the reason, Here are your five most clicked restaurants for the month of March:

1. Tadich Grill. It’s tempting to credit this institution’s popularity to rumors of a Bourdain visit, but we think it’s probably just because the joint is famous.

2. Eliza’s. This place is a favorite on Potrero Hill, where it is among slim pickings for excellent Chinese food.

3. Yum Yum Hunan. Another Chinese restaurant in an area where they are sparse. Divisadero is pretty well out of reach of downtown delivery radii.

4. Zuni Cafe. Yes, people, that chicken is still on the menu. But who could get sick of reading about all those oysters?

5. King of Thai Noodle Cafe. What better way to warm that Sunset chill than with chili flakes and peanut sauce?


High Five: The Month Of March