Good World’s Last Blast: A Survey of the Wreckage

As warned, Good World closed last week after over a decade in business. Don’t believe us? Check out the wreckage from the final party. A reveler sets the scene:

it started early (like, during the day) and there were flower petals strewn at the doorway. when i got there at 2am the place was decimated. i was told that Kai Kuhne had almost been arrested for urinating in public. put in cuffs and about to be dragged away. and everyone rallied and got him released. he was only given a citation. people were wasted. i jacked myself a bottle of tommy bahama rum for a keepsake. The basement was most disgusting slimiest pit of grease ever. same for kitchen. i cant believe we ate from there.

Further proof that the place is gone — a sign left on its shuttered door, which reads in part:

Sadly, a greedy landlord who has never stepped in America, and doesn’t speak a word of English bought this building, evicted the tenants in order to flip it. In place of a thriving business that brought life to this corner, he has left us with an empty hole.”

Ain’t that the way. Good-bye, Good World.

Good World’s Last Blast: A Survey of the Wreckage