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Fallon: ‘I Would Never, Ever Deflower the Men’s Room at Los Dos Molinos’

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The folks at ABC have sent us a playful letter from Charlie Gibson in which the anchor defends himself against Emeril Lagasse’s allegations that Gibson stole an enchilada-casserole recipe from him. Gibson writes, “I am bemused that he would want to take credit for a recipe that consists, essentially, of a can of chili with beans, a can of tomato sauce and a can of enchilada sauce along with a bag of Doritos, some cheese, onions and sour cream. Is that how you want us to think you cook, Emeril?” Obviously, this is a belabored publicity stunt for ABC’s new recipe site. And you know what else smacked of viral marketing? That whole thing about Jimmy Fallon stealing a Kevin Eubanks album cover from Los Dos Molinos. Our party reporter Jada Yuan ran into Fallon at the premiere of Grey Gardens at the Ziegfeld and the Pierre on Tuesday night and asked him a simple question: “Can you walk into a restaurant these days and not get kicked out and have to Twitter about it?” His response?

Well, the first one, I was just embarrassed about. Los Dos Molinos is more of a goof. I know those guys. They owe me a free meal now, because I actually brought in the record album they thought I took. They thought I took a record album of Kevin Eubanks called The Searcher. They thought I pried it off the wall of the men’s bathroom and took it on the Tonight Show. Which is great. I would never, ever deflower the men’s room at Los Dos Molinos. But I can see why someone would do it. So I got one at Bleecker Street records; they had a copy of The Searcher. And I returned it to its rightful owner. It wasn’t me that took it, but there is a thief on the loose.

One thing we’ll never get back: the time we’ve spent thinking about this.

Fallon: ‘I Would Never, Ever Deflower the Men’s Room at Los Dos