Dressler Owners’ Workplace Romance May Hit the Big Screen

A new culinary tell-all written by Dressler’s pastry chef, Dalia Jurgensen, may be headed for Hollywood. Publisher’s Weekly has the details:

Also out for film is Dalia Jurgensen’s Spiced. Putnam published the book this month and Holly Frederick at Curtis Brown is shopping the film rights on behalf of Sally Wofford-Girand of Brick House. Jurgensen—currently the pastry chef at Dressler in Brooklyn—recounts her tumultuous entry into the culinary world. After quitting her office job to attend culinary school, she lands a dream gig at one of New York City’s top restaurants, only to discover life in the kitchen means long hours, crappy pay and a frat-like working environment. After romantic sparks fly between Jurgensen and her executive chef, the pair try to open their own restaurant without destroying their relationship in the process. Frederick, who said she’s pitching the project as “a culinary A Star is Born,” sees the story working well as either a feature or a TV series and is bringing the project to producers in both camps.

Sounds hot! And makes us wonder whether John DeLucie’s memoir, The Hunger, will come to the screen. That book is out in a couple of weeks.

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Dressler Owners’ Workplace Romance May Hit the Big Screen