Delicatessen by the Numbers: 1,749 Cocktails, 300 Sliders, 4 Pork Loins

Photo: Noah Sheldon

Delicatessen, now with Michael Ferraro in the kitchen, is packed (seriously, people, packed) from breakfast through late supper with all matter of hipsters, models, and fashion-business hangers-on, making it an interesting study in cool-guy behavior in recessionary times. So — and this may be of particular interest to the stat geeks in the crowd — we asked operating consultant David Rabin and the fine folks at Delicatessen to pull their sales numbers from last week (March 30 through April 5). Included in our non-scientific findings: Mixed drinks are by far the libation of choice (1,749 orders), then wine (688) and beer (593). In the vodka category, Ketel One edged out luxe rival Grey Goose 173 to 164, and both crushed the rest of the field, Absolut (59) and Stoli (68). The kids also really like their mojitos (142), but don’t mind the Bloody Marys (96) or mimosas (56) either. Most popular shot? Why, the Patrón Silver, of course, which was ordered up chilled 61 times. As for food, cheeseburger sliders, macaroni and cheese, cheeseburgers, and Cobb salads rule. The least popular dishes are the ribs, ostensibly because they’re too messy for this crowd, and the pork loin, because it’s not served ground up in a bun.

And now, the entire menu by the numbers:

Cheeseburger Sliders 215 orders
Mac & Cheese 143
Spinach Dip 122
Fish Tacos 111
Tuna Tartare 106
Crisp Calamari 85
Sliders 85
Mussels 49
Croquettes 47
Lamb Kebab 35
Fresh Ricotta 33
Ribs 31

Deli Chz Burger 188
Cobb Salad 150
TurkChzBurg 85
Caesar Salad 84
Nicoise Salad 72
Turkey Sandwich 61
Lobster Roll 58
Turkey Burger 53
Deli Burger 50
Deli Reuben 49
Chick Salad 43
Organic Salad 42
Veg Pita 41
Pastrami 40
New England Clam 32
Soup of the Day 26

Fried Chicken 86
Chicken Paillard 84
Fish & Chips 82
Mahi Mahi 77
Roast Chicken 56
Salmon 54
Steak Frites 53
Mushroom Risotto 40
BBQ Meatloaf 36
Cod 23
Pork Chop 20
Pork Loin 4

Fries 83
Sub Truffle Fries 35
Onion Rings 22
Broccoli Rabe 21
Whipped Potato 13
Mush Fricasee 11
Green Beans 10
Side Baguette 10
Avocado 6
Broccoli 6
Ched/Bacon Grits 5
Coleslaw 5
Mush/Garlic Rice 4
Spinach 3

Delicatessen by the Numbers: 1,749 Cocktails, 300 Sliders, 4 Pork Loins