Craigie On Main’s Bar Burger: Expensive, Delicious

Craigie On Main’s $18 burger gets an in-depth profile from GoodEater’s Kenji Alt. Revealed: Tony Maws uses equal parts short rib, flap meat, and brisket, with about 15% fat (a mix between suet and bone marrow (!!!!!!!!)). The burger is then mixed with (holy god) dehydrated miso paste to add some umami, and cooked in a sous-vide-esque C-Vap oven. Finally, it’s topped with three-year-old Vermont cheddar, watercress, fried onions, and mace-scented ketchup, and placed on a housemade bun.

Sounds amazing, right? Here’s the thing: this burger is $18, wildly expensive for what it is. Life-changing or not, would you pay $18 for a hamburger? Let us know in the comments.

Cheffing with Tony Maws: Not Just a Cheeseburger [GoodEater]

[Photo: panchita76/Flickr]


Craigie On Main’s Bar Burger: Expensive, Delicious