Monkey Bar Gets Reservation Line; Balducci’s Leaving Manhattan

Balducci’s will close both Manhattan locations at the end of the month. [NYP]

• The Red Hook Ball Field vendors will return on May 2. Also, the vendors are “close on signing up to be a part of an amazing festival in a very popular and historic Brooklyn location that will soon promise to be one of the most talked about events in NYC.” [Serious Eats NY]

• Chain restaurants are rolling out smaller, cheaper menu items to boost sales. [Reuters]

• A recent Harvard Business School paper found that Marquee has been able to stay in business so long by maintaining strict selectivity at the door and letting in just enough bankers to keep everything profitable. [NYP]

• Monkey Bar update: There is now a reservations line. [Diner’s Journal/NYT]

• Unemployed finance types are suddenly clamoring for restaurant work: At soon-to-open Montenapo, 700 people responded to two Craigslist ads, many of them bankers and brokers. [City Room/NYT]

• Dine in Brooklyn has been extended through April 30. [Serious Eats New York]

• Fondle, a weekly gay dance party at South Brooklyn Pizza, has become surprisingly popular. [NYT]

• Andrew Cuomo is looking into complaints by winemakers who claim liquor-store owners threatened them for supporting the proposal to sell wine in grocery stores. [Crain’s]

• The Hamptons space that formerly housed Kobe Club will have a branch of Philippe this summer. [NYP]

• In the wake of the recent salmonella scare, Georgia is promoting peanuts more than ever. [NYT]

Monkey Bar Gets Reservation Line; Balducci’s Leaving Manhattan