Breaking: Town Closes Indefinitely

Photo: Shanna Ravindra

A reader informs us that Town has closed, possibly for good. We couldn’t reach anyone at the restaurant, and a manager at its sister spot Country hadn’t yet heard the news, but a receptionist at the Chambers Hotel confirms that it unexpectedly closed earlier today— “right now they’re saying indefinitely.” The reader tip, below.

I am officially one of the very last customers at Town. My family is staying at the Chambers and we got 4 drink vouchers for Town. We went down at 1:30 pm to use them. The bartender was attentive and wonderful despite our use of vouchers for $15 drinks. She seemed to have no idea which direction her day was heading.

We drank our drinks and went to Modern for more (such wonderful bar food, though we were too early) and MoMA. I left my family at 5 for the free MoMA Friday and went back to the room to borrow the shower before dinner (Graffiti!!). As I came back in I heard the management on the phone with a woman who was obviously very upset about having put a large sum of money down to rent out Town and was worried about getting it back. I turned and the doors were closed. Closed for good.

It’s over for Town and their last drinks were on the house…

Eater reported this week that the restaurant owed over $79,000 to three vendors who were trying to force it into bankruptcy.

A couple of years ago, Adam Platt ranked Jeffrey Zakarian’s splashy restaurant the twenty-first best in the city. But that doesn’t mean it can’t go the way of the twenty-second best, Café Gray. More on this as it develops.

Breaking: Town Closes Indefinitely