Brennan Developing Bar Artisanal Into ‘French Casa Mono’

Photo: Hannah Whitaker/New York Magazine

Terrance “The Teflon King of Lincoln Center” Brennan sits with the ‘Bag to discuss his takeover of Trigo, a move that would reveal Brennan as a genius if it works, given how disastrous the whole thing looks on paper.

’Bag: So that’s what it’s going to be? Artisanal Table?

Brennan: Not exactly. We’re calling it Bar Artisanal. Artisanal Table is more Italian — pizzas, pasta, the food of the Mediterranean. Bar Artisanal will be more Frenchified, more of a bistro. Think of it almost as a French Casa Mono … We’ [sic] have pisadladiers — sliced potato and truffle. A tarte flambe. There’ll be a bar de fromage, lots of charcuterie, a whole burger frites section, because we know you love hamburgers. We’ll have a classy burger. A lamb burger. A burger royale. I’m still thinking about it…”

A French Casa Mono sounds reasonable enough, except for the differences between this and Batali’s Irving Place restaurant in size, focus, and design. And Brennan, if he’s taking suggestions, should also think about how close this grab-bag concept sounds to Trigo. Bar Artisanal is slated to open on April 20. [Feedbag]

Brennan Developing Bar Artisanal Into ‘French Casa Mono’