A Fast-food Ban; the Calorie-Count Bake Sale

• The food at three of Gordon Ramsay’s U.K. restaurants is prepared off-site, though the defensive chef is quick to note that it’s cooked to order at the restaurant post-preparation. [NYP]

• Queens’s Terrace Diner is being sued by a former customer who alleges that after he complained about the service, a waiter publicly announced to the restaurant that the customer “took a shit” on the floor of the diner’s bathroom. [Cityfile]

• To prevent obesity, a Queens councilman has proposed a ban on new fast-food restaurants within a tenth of a mile of schools. [NYT]

• Mayor Bloomberg would approve: One UWS 10-year-old displayed the calorie count of the homemade cookies she was selling at her folding table on 89th and West End Avenue. [NYP]

• When chefs want to become celebrities, they seek out the services of agent Jon Rosen, who represents Rachael Ray and Katie Lee Joel and who views his clients not as chefs, but as “lifestyle personalities who we can build great businesses for.” [NYT]

• There’s a host of Obama-named merchandise at Ray’s Candy Store, including Obama socks ($1 per pair) and Obama coffee, a small coffee topped with ice cream. [Gothamist]

• Investigations of food-related illnesses vary greatly from state to state, which makes it much more difficult to identify the culprit of an outbreak. [NYT]

• The product placement for Subway on last week’s Chuck was intense — in addition to a visible sandwich, one character actually uttered the phrase “$5 foot-longs,” a central piece of Subway’s current ad campaign. [Crain’s]

• Park Slope’s Adam Richman, the host of Man v. Food, frequents the Slope’s Marine Coffee Shop and Rachel’s Taqueria in his time off. [NYO]

• MTV News’s John Norris loves Dirt Candy. [Decider]

A Fast-food Ban; the Calorie-Count Bake Sale