Where To Bowl In A Post Milky Way World

You have only nineteen days to get your JP bowling fix before the Milky Way Lounge & Lanes moves to the Armory. While the Milky Way’s cocktails and salsa nights will be making the move, the bowling alley will not. It’s time to familiarize yourself with the rest of the Boston rented shoes scene.

Boston Bowl is one of the city’s biggest bowling alleys with thirty tenpin and ten candlepin lanes. Not only is the alley equipped with an an in-house brewery and decent bar food, but it’s open 24/7. Note: bowling is half-priced on Mondays after 9pm.

King’s is a much trendier bowling experience than the Milky Way ever was, but it’s hard to resist a place where the sangria comes in “small” and “very large.” Hilariously, they also serve lobster ravioli.

Lucky Strike Lanes is probably the only bowling alley in Boston with a dress code, a “celebrity sightings” section on its website, and a selection of small plates on the menu.

• Somerville’s Sacco’s is probably the best bet for those looking to recapture the Milky Way’s low-key atmosphere. Like the Milky Way, it’s all candlepin all the time. It’s also crazy cheap.

Milky Way Lounge & Lanes [Official Site]
Boston Bowl [Official Site]
King’s [Official Site]
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[Photo: The Milky Way, mjsawyer/Flickr]

Where To Bowl In A Post Milky Way World