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What to Do While You’re Waiting for Kesté to Open

Some folks had to draw themselves a map, but it’s pretty much agreed by all that we are now living in a golden age of not only pizza but sandwiches too. What’s undetermined as of the present date is whether this means we might be headed toward a golden age of pizza-sandwiches. If you’ve never had a pizza sandwich, you haven’t lived. After the jump, a recipe based on the ones they originally served (but unfathomably retired) at Frankies 457 Spuntino in Carroll Gardens.

Take two squares of Sullivan St. Bakery (or Grandaisy) pizza pomodoro (mushroom is good too). Layer one square tomato-side up with some soppressata, prosciutto, provolone and some arugula if you like. Close sandwich with the other pizza square, tomato side down.

While you’re eating, take a look at pizza ambassador Adam Kuban’s preview tour of Kesté. Happily for the slice-deprived, Kesté pies cook in that 1,000-degree oven for only a minute.

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What to Do While You’re Waiting for Kesté to Open