We’re Sensing Some Mixed Reviews Of Guy Martin’s Sensing

Down at the wharf, things are apparently rather quiet. A little too quiet, according to diners who have recently eaten at Sensing, Guy Martin’s Boston version of the popular Parisian outpost. While the restaurant has only been open less than two months, the reviews thus far seem to definitely be rather mixed. The Phoenix’s MC Slim JB found the pickled parsnips to be “unusually delicious.” However, he also mentioned that the high prices probably aren’t going to be all that appreciated during a time when everyone is pinching pennies. In today’s Globe, Devra First mourns that despite the kitchen’s “flashes of brilliance”, the service and food at Sensing often falls flat.

Meanwhile on Chowhound, diners are saying things like “Sensing should be embarrassed to roll out that wine list” and “decor, however, is like the breakfast room at a suburban Doubletree.” Ouch! The dreaded comparison to a hotel whose furniture resembles that in Boogie Nights. However, someone did find the staff to be very attentive, but they attribute that to the fact that the restaurant was pretty dead of any human life form. Well, at least someone found the flatware to be “nice.”

But if there’s anything we love, it’s a good ol’ controversy. So head down to Battery Wharf so you can decide for yourself.

Sensing Restaurant [Official Site]

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We’re Sensing Some Mixed Reviews Of Guy Martin’s Sensing