Tribune Food: Fishing for Fish

• Increasing nutritional demand for fish means that overfishing is a big problem — is the answer fish farms? Bill Daley looks at the world of “aquaculture” (say it out loud), in which fish farming is modeled on the ways we raise other animals for food, like cows and sheep.

• Oh, beer. Jane Ammeson introduces us to two new microbreweries: Half Acre Beer Co. and Metropolitan Brewing, both Chicago-based. Along with fundamental principles of deliciousness, both (unrelated to each other, except by brewmeister camaraderie) are dedicated to green principles, since local beer is good for the planet. Drink up!

• Bill Daley turns his oenophiliac eye to the region of Languedoc (so fun to say). Despite being one of France’s largest growing regions, it’s never been the cool kid —

[Photo: Vino Wong/AJC]


Tribune Food: Fishing for Fish