Trib Food: Our Daily Bread

• James P. DeWan opens his article on the benefits of hand-kneaded bread with a turn of phrase that we just love: “Not to get all Baracky on you, but.” Aaah! Also, it’s a great little article. Is DeWan going to replace the hole left by Emily Nunn as Our Favorite Good Eats Writer?

• Monica Kass Rogers is all “use molasses in savory cooking!” And we’re all, sure, lady, sounds yum.

• Bill Daley expands our repertoire of Chilean grapes, introducing Carmenere.

• In a move to get Jews to make their community ties closer, some groups are subsidizing Shabbat dinners. Reminds us a heck of a lot of summer camp, whatever the goal.


Trib Food: Our Daily Bread