Tony Luke’s Cheesesteaks Coming To The Freezer Aisle

Yeah, you read that right. Tony Lucidonio Jr. of Tony Luke’s has found a formula for frozen cheesesteaks that’s good enough to try to sell.

“I can’t get into too much detail because we have a Patent pending,” Lucidonio said of the new frozen-sandwich preparation process. “It is the way the meat is made that allows the meat to go from a raw steak into a microwave or a boiler bag and come out as if it were grilled.”

After cooking the meat, a hungry party would then microwave the enclosed roll, assemble and dig in. If the meat and roll were offered already assembled, preparation would be a failure, Lucidonio said, because, “by the time the meat gets hot enough inside the roll, the roll is a brick.”

We don’t see the appeal for people who actually live in Philly and can get a fresh cheesesteak anytime they want, but it might be close enough to the real thing for it to work in other parts of the country. The frozen cheesesteaks are set to appear on freezer shelves within the next few months.

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[Photo: Tony Luke’s frozen cheesesteaks via The Inquirer]


Tony Luke’s Cheesesteaks Coming To The Freezer Aisle