Todd English’s Olives Turns 20; Offers Same Menu As In 1989

Todd English doesn’t want to party like it’s 1999, but instead prefers rewinding a full decade earlier. Starting Friday, the 13th, Olives in Charlestown will offer its “Throwback Friday Menu” featuring items from the original 1989 menu at the original 1989 prices. Ah, 1989: There’s nothing like that special year that brought us the Menendez Brothers. Okay, it wasn’t all bad. Prices definitely were a lot better than 2009’s expensive tags, and Olives was set to become the hottest restaurant in Boston in upcoming years.

Unfortunately, today the restaurant doesn’t quite sit in the same magical universe of sunshine and rainbows as 15 years ago, when Bostonians flocked to Charlestown for a taste of Todd’s world. This year Olives didn’t even make it into Boston Magazines Top 50 Restaurants. Ouch. Not that Todd is probably shedding many tears, seeing as he’s since become a celebrity who even opened a restaurant with Eva Longoria, LA’s Beso.

Despite Olives’ fluctuating spot in the eyes of food critics, the restaurant is still a hit with crowds. We’re guessing they’ll be mighty appreciative of the throwback menu, which will include items such as beef carpaccio with Roquefort polenta and grilled octopus with chickpeas, both ringing in at under $6. So grab your cassette tapes that feature the lovely musical stylings of Poison and Milli Vanilli and head over to Olives for a taste of Todd English’s culinary empire. But leave the acid-washed denim in the attic, AC Slater.

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[Photo: Boston Herald]

Todd English’s Olives Turns 20; Offers Same Menu As In 1989