TOC Food: BYO, Pie, Bananas Foster

• TOC goes BYO this week. Besides their expert guide (which we already hashed out against a similar setup from Chicago Mag), the team lays out an exhaustive list of BYOs around the city, covering nine cuisine categories from barbecue to Thai and everything in between.

• Michael Nagrant passes along tales of BYO Gone Badly (is there a DVD series there?), with patrons walking off with restaurants’ glasses, or puking in full view of the kitchen. Hold your liquor, people.

• Julia Kramer sits down with Hoosier Mama Pie Co honcho Paula Haney, who’ll be opening her long-awaited storefront shop this Saturday. She says rolling out pies all day is just about the same as the pastry work she used to churn out for Trio, back in the day, considering that the final product is judged ultimately on whether it tates good.

• Another one for Julia Kramer (is it just us, or is she getting more bylines lately?) noting the opening of Sunda, and its backstory’s uncanny similarity to any given Judd Apatow plot. Run that as a double feature with the Alinea movie?

• This week’s review comes courtesy of David Tamarkin, who takes a look at Bananas Foster Cafe in Edgewater. While he might not have been outed as a critic, he did get some special treatment from the owner — but it appears that’s par for the course at this hospitality-oriented comfort food spot. Dinner, mostly one-pot meals, is hearty but not beautiful, but the real star of the show is brunch.

[Photo: the bitten word/Flickr]


TOC Food: BYO, Pie, Bananas Foster