This Sunday: Brunch at the Publican

We had brunch recently with a friend who was complaining about incessant brunch lines. We brushed it off, explaining that now that we are a crotchety old lady we don’t like to wait around for mediocre eggs benedict, especially while pre-coffee and hungover, and now almost exclusively patronize brunch spots that accept reservations. We started to extend this cranky-old-ladiness to dinner, with one caveat: “Except, you know, for places like The Publican. Because sometimes a meal actually is worth waiting around for.”

Well, crap. Starting this Sunday, The Publican is offering brunch, and we’re eating crow. Not literally, of course (that particular meat isn’t on the menu), but we will be eating all sorts of amazing delicious goodness — with no eggs benedict in sight. Like a savory-spicy meal of a wood-fired egg with harissa, gouda and grilled bread, or pork confit with a stew of shrimp and andouille sausage.

And we’re 100% sure that our brunch companion, he of the willingness to brave long lines on a Sunday morning, will be ordering the assorted smoked fish platter, served brilliantly with a bacon quiche.

Full menu after the jump.

The Publican Brunch

Benton ham red wine-poached egg, grilled bread and béarnaise 12.00
Waffle maple butter and seasonal accompaniment 7.00
Weiswurst and pretzel 10.00
Wood-fired egg with harissa, gouda and grilled bread 8.00
Mussels 18.00
Pork confit with shrimp and andouille stew 12.00
with scrambled egg 14.00
Smoked ham chop with bird mill grits and poached egg 12.00
Publican omelette with seasonal accompaniment 8.00
Assorted smoked fish with bacon quiche 11.00
Little Gem salad 7.00

Milk and honey granola with yogurt and baked apple 6.00
Fresh ricotta with roasted pineapple and hazelnuts 6.00
Hash browns 3.00
Creamy Bird Mill grits 3.00
Grits 5.00
with egg 7.00
Spicy pork rinds 5.00
Egg sunny-side, over easy, scrambled or poached each 2.00
Soft-boiled egg with toast points 3.00
Country toast 2.00
Bacon 4.00
Grilled summer sausage 5.00
Scrapple 6.00 with fried egg 8.00
Daily pastry 6.00

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[Photo: Bob Briskey Photography]


This Sunday: Brunch at the Publican