Sustainable-Food Benefit Forgoes Meat

Photo: Patrick McMullan

Alice Waters, Dan Barber, and other sustainable-food celebrities will be at an expensive benefit honoring Queen Noor of Jordan and Edward Norton at the Harvard Club this weekend. The Harvard Center for Health and the Global Environment is offering a menu with a vegetarian entrée — not something you usually see at events that start at $1,000 a plate. Where’s the meat? Turns out many past attendees requested vegetarian entrées. “Recognizing that meat consumption/production has a large environmental footprint and negative human health effects (in terms of carbon emissions, water footprint, pollution of habitats),” a rep e-mailed us, “we’ve decided to serve a vegetarian entrée with a sustainable duck option.” Carnivores should be prepared for a highbrow debate at their tables. See the full menu, below.


Prepared by Dan Barber
Tastes from the Greenhouse, Gardens and Fields

Hudson Valley Kir
Hermann J. Wiemer Methode Champenoise, Blanc de Blanc, Finger Lakes 2002
Clinton Vineyards Cassis, Clinton Corners, New York

First Course

Prepared by Michel Nischan
Ancient Grain and Vegetable Risotto

Huge Bear Chardonnay, California, 2007

Prepared by Ana Sortun
Sweet Potato Dolma with Pine Nuts and Tahini Brown Butter
(Braised Duck Leg available upon request)

Knights Bridge Estate Cabernet Sauvignon, California, 2006

Prepared by Mary Cleaver
Almond Cakes with Gold Rush Apple Cranberry Compote and Fromage Blanc

Vere Chocolates

Global Environmental Citizen Awards [Official site]

Sustainable-Food Benefit Forgoes Meat