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Snacky’s Adds Recessionproof S’mores Cupcakes to Menu

Photo: Daniel Maurer

You’ve heard of Burgers & Cupcakes, but pizza and cupcakes? Snacky’s opened as a “slices and ices” joint last July, but when cold weather struck, owner Joe Maino knew he had to find an alternative to the ices — he toyed with doughnuts and a few other things, but settled on (what else?) cupcakes! “Cupcakes are really kind of the rage,” he tells us. (Ya don’t say?) Needless to say, the sidewalk spread you see here has worked out quite well for him. In fact, he says the cupcakes have “far surpassed anything we thought we’d do” — even at $3.49 a pop they’re outselling the $1.99 slices, and they’re running circles around the three handbag stores he also owns on Mulberry Street. Which is why he added two new flavors a couple of weeks ago: In addition to its signature cannoli cupcake, Snacky’s now sells a heart-stopping jumbo S’mores cupcake (the chocolate cake contains chocolate syrup and marshmallow filling, and the chocolate icing is sprinkled with graham-cracker crumbs and topped with actual graham crackers and marshmallows — oof!) and a Jiffy-stuffed, Jiffy-topped peanut-butter variety. Maino is also hoping to expand to the West Village or midtown soon. “We’ll never get rid of the ices,” he says, “but cupcakes are definitely the direction that the expansion is going to go in.” The full cupcake menu is after the jump.

Hawaiian pizza - $13.95
Meat lover’s pizza - $14.95
Vegetarian - $14.95
The Feast - $14.95
Everything - $16.95

Rolls - $3.95
Chicken, meatball, sausage and peppers, eggplant, or broccoli

Cheese calzone - $4.95
(meatball, ham, sausage, pepperoni $1 extra)

Sausage or pepperoni $1.75 or 2 for $3

Garlic bread - $2.95
Garlic knots - 3 for $1

Chocolate cupcake - $2.99
Vanilla cupcake - $2.99
Black and white - $2.999
Cannoli cupcake - $3.49
“Hostess cupcake” (chocolate or vanilla) - $3.49
Chocolate-filled cupcake (vanilla cake or chocolate cake) - $3.49
Oreo cupcake (chocolate or vanilla) - $3.49
Vanilla-filled cupcake (chocolate cake or vanilla cake) - $3.49
Red-velvet cupcake - 3.49
S’mores - $3.49
Peanut butter - $3.49

Any 4 assorted - $11.95
Any 6 assorted - $15.95
Buy 12 ($31.90) and get 2 free

Mini - $0.99
Chocolate mini - $1.19
Large traditional - $2.49
Large chocolate - $2.79

Brownies - $3.50

Gelato - 2 scoops, $3.95, 3 scoops $4.95, 4 scoops $5.95
(flavors: french vanilla, strawberry, toasted almond, tiramisu cappuccino, toasted almond, tiramisu cappuccino, chocolate chip, hazelnut, chocolate, pistachio)

Snacky’s, 117 Mulberry St., nr. Canal St.; 212-431-0117

Snacky’s Adds Recessionproof S’mores Cupcakes to Menu