Da Silvano Team Will Open Casual Concept, Scuderia, on March 9

Photo: Daniel Maurer

The biker café isn’t the only newcomer to Sixth Avenue near Downing Street. On March 9, the block will welcome Scuderia, the new trattoria from Silvano Marchetto (of Da Silvano, across the street), his daughter Leyla, his longtime GM Alessandro Bandini (who’ll be GM here, too, as well as a partner), and jazz guitarist turned entrepreneur Fabrizio Sotti. The elder Marchetto designed the menu along with chef Claudio Cristofoli (formerly head toque at Cipriani Downtown), and he contributed family photos and some of his Italian and American rock records as decorations (his artist wife Marisa also spray-painted the restroom signage). But instead of being the dominant presence here, Silvano will rely on his “scuderia,” or team, of thirtysomethings to steer the casual concept.

When we bring you photos in the next days, you’ll see several communal tables, a chef’s table, a sometimes-private mezzanine, and a full bar serving snacks till 1 a.m. on weekdays and 2 a.m. on weekends. Many of the 100 seats will be done up in the restaurant’s signature color (a Batali-esque orange), and when the weather warms, 36 more will make up a sidewalk café. The menu consists of northern Italian comfort foods as well as Italian interpretations of American favorites (e.g. a burger and personal pizzas) — items are cheaper than at Da Silvano and the portions smaller (Leyla wants to encourage diners to pick around), and within a month, there will be delivery (another Silvano first) as well as breakfast. Brunch launches March 14. For now, here’s your first look at the dinner offerings.

Scuderia dinner menu

Scuderia, 10 Downing St., entrance on Sixth Ave. nr. W. Houston St.; 212-206-9111

Da Silvano Team Will Open Casual Concept, Scuderia, on March 9