Rye On The Road: Cocktail Catering

We don’t have Pink Elephant here, or even Pink Dot, which is a crying shame. In fact, the whole dearth of liquor delivery is just annoying. But we were heartened to get word from Rye that they’re starting a new cocktail delivery service, Rye on the Road, that at least starts to fill that void.

You wouldn’t have them drop off a bottle of mint julep at 1 a.m. for your Thursday poker game (this is, sadly, pink elephant/dot territory). They’re more like a cocktail catering business. From the press release:

Whether it’s for a classic Rum Swizzle (rum, house-made falernum, bitters, lime and sugar) or a fresh International Sour (rye, house-made kumquat bitters and tawny port), all of the required ingredients are prepped, mixed and delivered in manageable, artisan-style bottles directly to the event. Complete directions are provided to help make the process as simple and fast as possible, while maintaining the consistent quality for which Rye bar and Rye on the Road are known. For example, if the drink needs to be shaken, the host simply pours the freshly prepared mix into the provided cocktail shaker over ice, shakes, strains and serves with the provided garnish. Everything from glassware to precut garnishes can be provided, as needed.

Sounds like a good option if you lack the time, bar-tending skill, equipment, or general cocktail nerdiness to re-create these concoctions at your party. They go for about $4-6 a drink. Now, if they would just start a side business delivering 12-packs, cigarettes, and poker chips, we’d be set.

Rye On The Road [Official Site]

Rye On The Road: Cocktail Catering