Review Of The Week: Disgruntled Employee And Boyfriend Sound Off

Perhaps we’re tipping our hand too much in telling you we can see the IP addresses of those who leave us user reviews. That usually doesn’t mean much, except in the case of this week’s Review Of The Week, which are actually two that we’re pretty sure was left by a disgruntled employee and her boyfriend.

Either that, or one employee at New York’s City Gourmet has an extremely dedicated fan base who all live in the same house.

3/2/09 10:27pm from user “Sam”

I just can’t take it anymore. I used to eat there in the morning before work. The people who work there just make you want to go somewhere else. It used to be this real sweet girl who used to work there and even she left. I think it time for me to move on also.

10:32pm from user “Tina” – same IP address as Sam above

But it could be awhole lot better. I know the girl your talking about. I think they called her Zee. Yea she was real sweet and good to talk to. I don’t know what happen to her. I think they let her go. But anyhow I missed the loved she used to bring to the store. Now it seem cold and it this guy whole works there who think he knows it all. always take my order wrong.

Yes, Tina. That man is cold, so cold. What ever happened to poor Zee? You seem to know a lot about her. Maybe you could leave another review and tell us the rest of her story.

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Review Of The Week: Disgruntled Employee And Boyfriend Sound Off