Piece by Piece at Big Bowl

There are few things on this green earth that irk us more than unevenly distributed appetizers. What, exactly, is a party of four expected to do with an order that serves up precisely three spring rolls? Should we break out the tape measure and divide each cylinder precisely into three-quarter pieces, and then draw straws to determine which hapless tablemate has to eat three separate quarters? Psh. When we open our restaurant (yeah, right), we’re planning to serve apps and small plates by the head count, not by the arbitrarily-determined serving size. You want seven people’s worth of tuna tartare and potato chips? You got it, friend.

So we were excited to see that the Ohio St. Big Bowl Cafe is taking a cue from caterers the world over and offering up their Peace Meal Menu (get it?), a selection of appetizers and dim sum that can be ordered on a per-item basis.

Available weekdays from 3-5:30pm, the menu reads like our version of heaven: Chicken dumplings, potstickers, and teriyaki glazed spare ribs for 50¢ each, chicken satay and shrimp summer rolls for 75¢, and prime beef satay, chicken egg rolls, and barbecue pork bao for a slick dollar. Do you full dig this? That is ten dumplings for five dollars. According to Big Bowl, the by-the-piece menu will be available “until the economy improves.”

The Peace Meal Menu also includes daily special entrees, discounted off the regular price. Full menu after the jump.

By-the-Piece Appetizers

Chicken dumplings or potstickers – 50 cents each

(Regular price, an order with five is $5.25)

Teriyaki glazed spareribs – 50 cents each
(Regular price, an order with nine is $6.95)

Chicken satay – 75 cents each
(Regular price, an order with three is $4.25)

Shrimp summer roll – 75 cents each
(Regular price, an order with 6 is $4.95)

Beef satay (prime steak) - $1 each
(Regular price, an order with 3 is $5.50)

Crispy chicken egg roll – $1 each
(Regular price, an order with 2 is $4.95)

Barbecue pork bao - $1 each
(Regular price, an order with 2 is $2.95)

Daily Specials – $3 off menu price
Monday – Chicken pad thai
(made fresh from scratch with fragrant herbs and a squeeze of lemon.)

Tuesday – Teriyaki glazed chicken fried rice
(jasmine rice, lightly sautéed and topped with all natural chicken and Asian vegetables.)

Wednesday – Orange chicken
(crispy all natural chicken with ginger, scallions, and a fresh sweet and sour citrus sauce)

Thursday – Kung Pao chicken
(all natural chicken with blackened chiles, house-roasted peanuts and sweet spicy sauce.)

Friday - Crunchy Sichuan scallops
(fresh, sweet scallops, wrinkled green beans, fresh bamboo shoots and fiery chile sauce.)

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Piece by Piece at Big Bowl