Opening Up Incanto’s Kitchen

Local offal-master Chris Cosentino’s work with heavy-duty innards such as brains, organs, and bones, might make his style of cooking seem inaccessible to the lay person. Even if you have the nerve to prepare guts, making them as palatable as they are at Incanto seems daunting.

But Cosentino, who often posts photo series of his projects on his blog, has recently put a couple different resources out there for folks interested in learning his technique. Most basic is the whole fish recipe he published today on Tasting Table. For all his offal-centric reputation, Cosentino is a big seafood guy, and this dish seems to be his “roast chicken”-style barometer. It’s a simple enough recipe that any home chef could tackle it, but also delicate enough that it could be a reasonable challenge.

If you really want to get your hands dirty, and happen to be a professional cook already, Wednesday is the deadline for applications to volunteer in Cosentino’s kitchen during Incanto’s sixth annual Head to Tail dinners on March 23 and 25. You don’t get paid, but you get a t-shirt, and you get to eat said dinner, and probably most importantly, you can learn a bit about what to do with venison heart, goose intestines, and brains.

The rest of us, though, will have to experience head-to-tail as customers. You might want to reserve a table now if you’re interested.

Chris Cosentino turns his nose-to-tail wisdom to seafood
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[Photo: Via dearanxiety/flickr]

Opening Up Incanto’s Kitchen