New Orleans in Central Park; A Kosher Hot Dog Riot

• Ti Adelaide Martin wants to bring a branch of her famed New Orleans restaurant, Commander’s Palace, to the Tavern on the Green space. [NYP]

• A riot erupted at Borough Park’s Cheskel’s Shawarma King last week when it was discovered that the “kosher” hot dogs were actually just regular chicken dogs. The owner, who was hit in the face, brandished an electric carving knife at patrons. [NYP]

Les Halles, former home of Anthony Bourdain, is being sued by a supplier who alleges he was stiffed of almost $40K after the restaurant’s D.C. outpost closed. [NYP]

• Restaurant publicist Karine Bakhoum is filming a pilot for a potential reality series. [ Feed/TONY]

• A British reality star alleges that she choked on a piece of cling wrap in her lamb at Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant Claridge’s. [Star via Eater]

• All the concern about high-fructose corn syrup has lead to the unlikely resurrection of sugar. [NYT]

• A report from the Government Accountability Office alleges that the FDA is doing little to prevent seafood fraud, checking only 2 percent of imported seafood. [Diner’s Journal/NYT]

• The food industry is lobbying hard against proposals that would require companies to pay for more annual inspections. [WSJ]

New Orleans in Central Park; A Kosher Hot Dog Riot